Preventative Maintenance Service

A quality Preventative Maintenance program is paramount to the performance and life-span of your HVAC system. Properly maintained equipment extends the life of your system, reduces energy costs, reduces repair bills, maintains interior air quality and quite simply provides for optimum comfort.

A quality Preventative Maintenance (PM) is like a physical for your mechanical system(s). Much like a doctor, our technicians look over your HVAC system, and through a series of check-ups and tests determine if everything is working as designed. If your technician finds any performance issues, it is documented and presented in a proposal format for your review. Most of the time these items are minor, such as worn out belts, and can often be repaired while your technician is on site.

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 Why AirCom?

AirCom performs over 15,000 Preventative Maintenance (PM) hours each year. With 30-years in the business, that’s close to half million hours of PM experience. Our internal training and testing requirements are amongst the toughest in the business. Our factory trained technicians know that the quality of your PM depends on the knowledge, experience and dedication to your facility. We have a very demanding code of conduct, we expect excellence everyday.  This is why you will consistently find exceptional technicians at AirCom.

Extraordinary Communication

Getting information accurately and quickly is critical. AirCom employs state-of-the-art satellite communication to-and-from our facilities to all of our technicians in the field. Every service vehicle is equipped with a laptop, GPS and a satellite link. When our technicians complete a service at your facility, the follow-up is created on the spot and uploaded to our office. Service calls arrive to our technicians in writing on their digital device. Room for error and miscommunication is significantly eliminated via this protocol.