Water Cooling engineA client in the medical industry approached Fluid Industrial Manufacturing in need of a test procedure for a cooling engine burn in. The customer supplied us with prints and we worked closely with them on the project, developing a series of testing methods. Upon reviewing the methods they were using, we modified and removed existing procedures that were less effective, added new procedures, conducted research on optimal procedures, and then provided the client with sketches of our new developments.

Using a series of top of the line testing equipment and a wide range of processes, Fluid Industrial’s expert engineers and manufacturers were able to provide the client with a more efficient, cost effective solution that met their needs and satisfied all of their requirements.

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Product Description

Fluid Industrial Reviewed and Witnessed all of the test Methods for this Cooling Engine as well as made any recommendations we saw necessary to the testing procedures.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Combine Three Testing Methods into One
Modify/Remove Existing Procedures as Recommended
Add New Procedures as Recommended

Research Optimal Burn In Time and Burn In Procedure
Provide Wiring Diagram Sketch for Burn In

Testing Equipment Utilized

24 VDC Power Supply
(3) 12VDC Power Supply
48 VDC Power Supply
Digital Multimeter
AMP Meter
Temperature Meters

Refrigerant Gauges
Refrigerant Scale
Service Wrench
Test Board w/ 5 10 AMP Circuit Breakers
Cold Well, Cold Well Lid, Sheet Metal Skins
Propylene Glycol Mix

Industry for Use


Delivery Location

Sunnyvale, California

Standards Met

Customer supplied print

Product Name

Development of Cooling Engine Burn In/Test Procedure