Testing-Heat-ExchangerFluid Industrial Manufacturing was approached to custom design and manufacture a heat exchanger for use in the semiconductor industry. The customer had many specific requirements, including a chilled water range of 42°F to 56°F, an outlet temperature of 64°F (±2°), and a flow rate of 6 GPM to 55 GPM, using a HFE 7100 coolant fluid. Using standard tools for the 100% copper piping and the mounting components, we created a heat exchanger measuring 19″ wide, 57.18″ high, and 29.76″ deep. The unit we created had multiple high-tech monitoring capabilities, and its many beneficial features included fans to reduce clean room heat load and power supply heat transference to the house water system in lieu of hot air.

Before shipping the heat exchanger to the client, it went through a series of tests, analyses, and regulations to be sure everything was working effectively, safely, and up to our high standards. Upon receipt of their custom manufactured heat exchanger, the customer was satisfied with every aspect of the finished product.

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Product Description

This heat exchanger is used within the Sapphire 40-Slot Test System

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Standard brazing torches for the copper piping
Standard tools for mounting components (nuts and bolts)
Refrigeration tools to test for leaks
Electrical conduit benders for electrical conduit

Overall Dimensions

Width: 19″
Depth: 29.76″
Height: 57.18″


Heat Load Transferred from HFE710 to Water: 90KW
Inlet Processed Chilled Water Range: 42°F to 56°F
HFE7100 Outlet Temperature: 64°F ±2°

HFE7100 Flow Rate: 6GPM to 55GPM @ Delta Pressure of 65psi
Chiller Water Flow: 55 GPM Max.

Monitoring Capabilities

HFE Temperature Output
No HFE Flow
VFD Output
Water Leak
Tank Low

HFE7100 Flow Rate: 6GPM to 55 GPM @ Delta Pressure of 65psi
Chiller Water Flow: 55 GPM Max

Coolant Fluid


Power Requirements

230 Volts, 3 Phase, 4 Wire WYE Power @30 Amps Max.

Materials Used

Piping: 100% Copper (CU)
Filter: Steel Tank 304 Stainless Steel
Frame: Aluminum 18 Gauge Sheet Metal Skins-Powder Coated


50/60 Hz Operation Pump
2 Manual Lockable Shut-Off Valves for Water Pipes
2 Manual Shut-Off Valves for the HFE Filter
Corrosion Resistant Drip Pan
Stainless Steel Tank for HFE7100 w/ Two Level Detectors
Air Bleed Valve for HFE Pumping
Two Pressure Gauges
CAN bus Node
Brass Inline Flow Meter
Honeywell UDC2500 PID controller with Fuzzy logic
100 micron full flow bag filter
HFE-7100 to Air Heat Exchanger with fans to reduce clean room heat load.
Power supply heat is transferred to house water system in lieu of hot air to clean room.

In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

Leak Detection
Verify HFE 7100 Temperature @ Set Point
Regulate Supply Pressure
Verify Maximum HFE Flow Rate

Vibration Insulated Between Pump Motor and Heat Exchanger Frame
Test All Working Sensors
All Labels to Conform to CE & S2-0200 Requirements
Failure Mode Effect Analysis

Industry for Use


Delivery Location

OEM shipped to Portland, Oregon

Standards Met

Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing

Product Name

Custom Heat Exchanger