90-ton-water-chillerA customer in the semi-conductor industry in Malta came to Fluid Industrial Manufacturing in need of a custom-made 90 ton water chiller unit. Specifications stated the chiller unit should have an ambient temperature up to 105°F and a supply water temperature of 52°F. We created a 27′ long, 7.25′ wide, 7.5′ high, skid-mounted custom chiller unit made of the best quality materials, including 100% copper, cast iron, and stainless steel.

As in all of our water chillers, this unit featured a range of high-tech monitoring capabilities and features, such as six independent stages of cooling, and its R-134a refrigerant is environmentally friendly. We performed a full series of tests and inspections on the water cooler before delivering the final product to our client. As the cooler was larger than our tester allowed for, we rented a power generator and boiler to test it at full load.

Finally, we provided the customer with a full one year warranty, and delivered the product to the very satisfied client, who was more than satisfied with the outcome of the project.

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Product DescriptionThis 90 ton water chiller unit was manufactured for a semi-conductor application
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesStandard brazing torches for the copper piping
Standard tools for mounting components (nuts and bolts)
Refrigeration tools to test for leaks and to pull a deep vacuum prior to charging the system with refrigerant
Electrical conduit benders for electrical conduits.
On-Site Start Up
Overall DimensionsLength: 27'
Height: 7.5' (Skid Mounted)
4" Connections
SpecificationsCapacity: 90 Ton (1,080,000 BTUH) @105°F Ambient and 52°F Supply Water ±2°F
Monitoring CapabilitiesChilled water flow/pressure
Condenser water flow/pressure
Suction and Discharge pressure of compressors
Chilled water temperatures
Condenser water temperatures
Ambient air conditons
Power Requirements85 kW 390 Volts/3 Phase/50 Hz
Materials UsedPiping: 100% Copper (CU)
Pumps: Cast Iron w/ Bronze Fittings
Evaporators & Condensers: 316 Stainless Steel, Copper Brazed
Frame: I-Beam Steel-Painted w/ Industrial Paint
FeaturesOne Year Warranty
Redundant Pumps on Chilled Water & Condenser Loops
Filter w/ Bypass
6 Independent Stages of Cooling
Water Cooled Refrigerant Condensers
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed CE Certified
Fully factory tested. This unit was bigger than our tester allowed for so we rented a power generator and boiler to test the chiller at full load. Once tested we performed our final inspection and crated unit on site.
Specific tests wereLeak Detection
Verify Chilled water Temperature @ Set Point
Verify Chilled water Flow Rate
Vibration Insulated Between Compressor and the frame
Verify PLC logic and sequence of operation
Pump automatic switchover if failure
Test All Working Sensors
Industry for UseSemiconductor
Delivery LocationMalta
Standards MetCustomer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product NameCustom 90 Ton Chiller Unit (ACC090)