Alcatel Lucent 2 Story 45000 sqft Building

Case Study: Alcatel-Lucent 2-Story 45,000 sqft Building with a 22,000 sqft Data Center Located in Mt. View, CA

Alcatel-Lucent was spending 1.3 million dollars in annual electrical energy bills. Their national facility division was tasked to find a means to reduce energy costs at this facility. AirCom was employed to provide a design build solution that would be installed with zero downtime and no interruptions to their day-to-day operations of the Data Center.

AirCom proposed an economized air system that would eliminate the need for mechanical cooling 30% of the time. Alcatel-Lucent proceeded with the project, which was completed from start to finish by AirCom in under 120 days. The system performed as proposed and the savings exceeded the company’s expectations. A reduction of energy costs $260,000 a year was immediately realized. AirCom worked directly with PG&E to secure a rebate back to the company of $185,000. The energy savings combined with the rebate resulted in an ROI of less than 10-months.